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Title Name Email
Adult/Senior Programs Loida
Bingo Julia
Casino Bonnie
Buildings/Grounds Volunteer Opportunity [email protected]
Capital Projects Volunteer Opportunity
Membership Rebecca [email protected]
Publicity Rebecca [email protected]
SEV Jason [email protected]
SECLA Kevin [email protected]
Social John [email protected]


Title Name Email
Badminton Liz
Card Club Rhys
Hall Rentals  Al/Liz [email protected]
Neighborhood Watch Luann
Playschool Krista [email protected]
Soccer (Indoor/Outdoor) Volunteer Opportunity
Summer Playground Alma
Children’s Programs Jo


Title Name Number
Buildings & Grounds Fernie
Caretaker Terri

4 responses to “Executive Directory”

  1. I’d like to know more about the “Neighborhood Watch” – Fence/vehicle graffiti, home break and enters, theft from vehicle, theft OF vehicle, noise complaints – I seldom see anything reported in the newsletter (which it should be). What is the process? These things ARE happening in the neighborhood. The more eyes and ears the better but there seems to be either fear/uncertainty/complacency/someone else is doing it attitudes. (no idea IF anyone is reporting things)
    Second point – has anyone followed up on the short cutting / speed issues on 71st ST or 86th AVE.
    I will be at the next General Meeting (currently no membership) Programs/progress need to be relevant and measurable.
    Thank you

    • Hi Tanis,

      These are all great points on reporting crime in our neighbourhood. We welcome you to come to the General Meeting on June 12th and share your concern.

      At the moment we do not have the resources to field a Neighbourhood Watch program, but we can certainly bring attention to the situation on our website and on Facebook.

      I know that we have had the City do a speed survey on 86th Avenue, I’m not certain about 71st. Again we can add this to the Agenda to talk about at the GM.



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